42 Below – 70cl


Omdat deze beschrijving vanop de site van 42 below zo prachtig tot zijn recht komt, hebben wij de vrijheid genomen om hem u origineel te brengen:

So, we’re 42BELOW™. That really pure vodka from New Zealand.

If you’re from New Zealand too, you probably know us.

If you’re not from New Zealand, then you probably don’t know us. Or maybe you do, depending on how cool you think you are.

After all, Trevor from Taupaki says our vodka tastes nice. So… there’s that. But we try and stay humble about such accolades.

Anyway… this little thingy is our not-so-little story.

Take a seat and listen with your eyeballs.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… Well, miles from Europe anyway – which is where most of the world’s best vodka was coming from at the time – a kiwi guy called Geoff Ross had an idea. He decided that a super pure country like New Zealand would be a better place to make a super pure vodka. The year was 1999 and Y2K made us scared of technology. That thing you’re using to read this right now.

At the time, Geoff’s big idea was a little naïve (borderline bloody stupid), had he known how hard it would be distilling premium vodka in NZ.

But luckily, he did it anyway. In his garage.

And soon 42BELOW™ was being sold to his mates. Then in some bars. Then all over New Zealand.

So, Geoff quit his job and went vodka full time.

Next, he made some ads, and these ads started to annoy a lot of famous people – mainly the French. And that just made everyone else love them even more.

But it wasn’t just the marketing that made 42BELOW™ famous. The product itself was actually pretty bloody good.

So just for a laugh, Geoff started entering it into some fancy booze competitions around the world.

And 42BELOW™ started winning them. Boat loads of them. Which those snobby European vodkas didn’t like very much.

Some more controversial ads and an investment from a big time Hollywood producer later, and 42BELOW™ was everywhere:

New York, London, Sydney, Invercargill.

And that’s when Bacardi started waving the cheque book. They asked, “How much?”

Geoff said, “Heaps.”

They said, “OK.”

Geoff said,

“Goodness gracious.”

And that was the day

Geoff bought a boat.

Some other things have happened along the way of course, but all you really need to know is that now we’re with Bacardi and have got over that whole weird blended family thing, we pretty much rule the world and everything is awesome.

And we want to keep that going. Which is where you come in.

Since you’re reading this, you probably want to buy some vodka. Which is good. Or maybe you’ve just happened to stumble on our website while on your way to Reddit’s /r/birdswitharms like most people. Either way, you should buy some vodka, because the more vodka you buy, the better this world will be.

42 Below – 70cl


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